UE4 Material – Glass

I found couple posts / questions about glass (or window if you like) material in Unreal Engine 4, so I decided to make easy-to-use templates. Features are described below. Hope you like it.

I use 2 master materials: Glass_Master and GlassShattered_Master to define various glass materials.

Glass_Master uses additional dirt layer (optional)

Parameters you can control:

  • Color // Controls glass tint
  • Opacity // Controls opacity
  • Refraction // Similar to refractive index. I don’t use physical-based values for glass (~1.490 – 1.492) since, in my opinion, it gives unrealistic results for thin surface (image was too distorted).
  • Roughness // A constant that defines how rough is the surface.
  • SpecStrength // Controls reflections intensity (based on Roughness value)
  • Texture tile // Glass/Normal map tile
  • UseNormal // Must be enabled if you want to use Normal Map
  • NormalMap
  • HeightRatio (only in GlassShattered_Master) // controls BumpOffset
  • GlassTexture (only in GlassShattered_Master) // It’s input for RGB texture. R channel blends with glass color, G channel controls opacity, B channel – is used for bumpOffset.
  • Dirt color // Color of a dirt layer
  • DirtIntensity // 0.0 – no dirt layer, 1.0 – maximum dirt map intensity (based on texture)
  • DirtMask // Texture used to create dirt. It uses only red channel
  • DirtScale // Controls DirtMask tilling

GlassShattered_Master doesn’t have dirt layer.

Example Material Instanced in the package:
– Clean
– Dirty
– Colored (blue, red, etc)
– Milky
– Shattered 1
– Shattered 2

Did you like this pack?

Check out also the Advances Glass Pack (link)
YouTube: (link)

Password for archive


  1. I don’t get it to work 🙁
    Only I see empty folders when open in a project
    Any news on your Advanced Glass / Window material pack?

    • Hello Grobi,
      Have you watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIT2XNTRkI4 ? Recently I’ve updated my packages so all you need to do now is to copy M_Orzelek_Assets folder into your Content folder.

      „Any news on your Advanced Glass / Window material pack?”
      Yes, it’s 90% finish. I’m making user documentation and example level to showcase new shaders. I’ll release some screenshots next week on this blog.

  2. I downloaded the files and have them in the correct folders, but when I attempt to use them a message appears, saying ‚Failed to load assets’

  3. Sorry,i’m not expert in materials in UE4 yet,but when i import the materials to my project and click on any material ,it doesn’t work,it shows me a blank material with no parent and no phys material.Any way i can solve this pls?

  4. It is normal for the package to only have material instance?? Should not be on thepackage the material and material instance?? I followed your tutorial of how install packages, but when I put the material it dosen’t work


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