Background Creator for Unreal Engine

As a 3D Generalist and Technical Artist, I often need to showcase scenes or assets like static meshes, skeletal meshes, and materials in Unreal Engine. My usual workflow involved rendering an object with an alpha mask and then adding a background or other elements to enhance the image. While it might not sound complicated, this process can be quite time-consuming, especially when preparing consistent images for a portfolio. I needed a more efficient, customizable, in-editor solution. So, I created an easy-to-use Blueprint that lets you create fully procedural, layered backgrounds in Unreal Engine using just post-process materials.

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Stylized Glass in Unreal Engine

It’s been over 8 and half year since I released the „Advanced Glass Material Pack” on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. It quickly became popular and it felt really nice when it received good feedback. What’s funnier – some people from the Unreal Engine community started to recognize me as „The Glass Guy”. Recently, I decided to challenged myself again and this time create a procedural stylized/toon glass material.

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The Power of Unreal Engine Blueprints

Here’s a quick assets demonstration from the Unreal Bucket’s library. In this video I am showing how we use UE Blueprints to make assets more customizable.


  • Air Conditioner: Blueprint with spinning fan material based on World Position Offset + additional meshes
  • Power Strip: Blueprint with spine mesh component to manipulate cord easily
  • Spotlight: Blueprint with easy-to-use exposed parameters to control lights and meshes.