UE4 Destruction System

My new, long-awaited pack has been finally accepted! Here’s short overview video:

Destruction system uses predefined list of static meshes that represent object’s different states of damage. The system allows you to easily switch from one state to another by applying damage to the object. Additionally, any audio or particle system can be used to make a smooth transition between states.

Available on UE4 Marketplace: LINK

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Scavenger’s Loot Pack released!

I’m more than happy to announce that my new pack „Scavenger’s Loot pack” has been released on the UE4 Marketplace!

Scavenger’s Loot Pack – A pack of assets for everyone who loves to scavenge, loot or craft in adventure, survival / horror games. Objects are grouped into 5 categories: Craft Parts, Food, Health, Misc and Tools. Open wishlist: Vote for new assets to be added in future updates!

Get it on the UE4 Marketplace: Link
or on my Gumroad: Link

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