The Power of Unreal Engine Blueprints

Here’s a quick assets demonstration from the Unreal Bucket’s library. In this video I am showing how we use UE Blueprints to make assets more customizable.


  • Air Conditioner: Blueprint with spinning fan material based on World Position Offset + additional meshes
  • Power Strip: Blueprint with spine mesh component to manipulate cord easily
  • Spotlight: Blueprint with easy-to-use exposed parameters to control lights and meshes.

Unreal Bucket new versions! + more UE4 free assets

Hi guys! We are not slowing down!
The past two months have been exciting for all Unreal Engine users. Epic Games has finally released UE5. We couldn’t miss the chance to check how our plugin works in the new engine. We successfully migrated the Unreal Bucket to the newest UE4 and UE5.

We now support versions: 4.22-4.27 and 5.0EA.

If you haven’t already, grab the latest plugin update here: