Interactive Lights System

Interactive Lights System (ILS) allows you to quickly set-up an interactive connection between lights and light switches in Unreal Engine 4. It’s a set of Advanced Blueprints to control when or how lights are switched on or switched off within certain area

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Pseudo realistic sand accumulation material


In this article I’m going to show how to create realistically looking rocky surfaces covered with sand in Unreal Engine 4. Most basic approach is to linearly interpolate two textures based on some designer defined value(i.e.. vertex painting). While the effect looks acceptable in some cases, there are situations where simple blending breaks the realism. One such situation will occur when trying to mix sand with gravel or rocks.

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Tutorial – Creating outline effect around objects

Outline effect as post process – tutorial


In this tutorial I will present a way of creating outline effect for meshes inside UE4. There are two popular methods of creating outline/stroke effect around objects in the game:

  • Render mesh twice. Draw first mesh with a standard material and then draw second mesh with slightly higher scale and emissive material.
  • Add outline to objects in post-process using edge detection

I’ll focus on the second method, as it requires very little effort to integrate it into existing projects. This tutorial assumes, you are familiar with basics of Unreal Engine 4 and it’s systems (material editor in particular). If you wish to fully understand how to implement edge detection algorithm as UE4 material, some basic image processing knowledge will be useful.

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