[Game] UBERCOLD – Complete UE4 project

note: The game has been done in UE 4.6 and it may not be fully compatible with the newest UE releases!

note2: The UE Forum user, fhl41, continues the UBERCOLD Project. Find out more: UberCold 4.9.2

Have you heard about SUPERHOT? An FPS game where time moves only when you move? I’m sure you have. Creators of the SUPERHOT had only one week to make playable prototype. We decided to the same. Our Project – UBERCOLD – has been made within 7 days in Unreal Engine 4.5 using blueprints only. Now we share complete UE4 project with you!

It’s also an FPS game, but in our case, time moves only when you DON’T move.

Check out UBERCOLD trailer:

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