[MaxScript] Quick Bone Tool 1.0

I present „Quick Bone tool” version 1.0.
If you’ve watched my previous tutorial about pre-made physics simulation (link) you know how can this be helpful and speed your workflow.

QuickBone Tool

QuickBone Tool ver. 1.0

In few words:
Quick Bone tool is a simple script which helps you to quickly create single bones within currently selected objects. Created bones are aligned to objects pivot point accordingly. Skin modifier can be added optionally.


  • Select object(s) which you want to add bones to.
  • Disable „Auto Skin” if you don’t want to add skin modifier to selected objects.
  • Click „Create bones” button to run the script.
  • Bones have been created. If you want to run the script again with other objects click „Reset” button


  • Run 3ds Max
  • Open MaxScript editor
  • Load QuickBoneTool script
  • Evaluate the script (CTRL+E)