Static Mesh + Particle System – Tesla Coil

Hi there,
As a huge fan of C&C: Red Alert, I decided to make my own Tesla Coil for UE4.
I hope you like it! More details and download button below.

Tesla Coil – Destruction States – UE4 from Michał Orzełek on Vimeo.

This asset has 3 versions:

01 Default state

Free asset: Tesla Coil S1

02 Damaged state

Free asset: Tesla Coil S2

03 Destroyed state

Free asset: Tesla Coil S3

HQ Screens: Artstation

Electricity/Lighting Particle Systems are included! Make sure to place them at the same spot as Static Meshes.

Feel free to download and use it in your games! I look forward to seeing this asset in action!

Password for archive


  1. Michael,

    You are a fantastic resource and have some excellent assets/materials here for download, very much appreciated!

    Would love to see some VR blueprints 😉

    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. I can’t import these assets into my editor, What version of unreal was this made in? Maybe I’m using a different version.

  3. Hey Mr Orzelek, could you please make a tutorial for floating things? I mean (for example) vases which float throught rooms. I want to make a paranormal game and I need some help.

    • You need to decide whether that floating animation should be static or dynamic. If it’s static, you can use any 3D app and animate it like a regular skeletal mesh. You can also use Sequencer and animate Transform track (location). If it’s dynamic, you would need to implement some logic behind it (path tracing, simple AI etc). That would be more advanced tutorial I think.

  4. Hay man this asset is showing up with 0 kb im trying to get this in ue 4.18 and i believe it to be an issue with how the asset was exported if you could double check and see if this will work for 4.18 that would be much appreciated thanks


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