Static Mesh + Particle System – Tesla Coil

Hi there,
As a huge fan of C&C: Red Alert, I decided to make my own Tesla Coil for UE4.
I hope you like it! More details and download button below.

Tesla Coil – Destruction States – UE4 from Michał Orzełek on Vimeo.

This asset has 3 versions:

01 Default state

Free asset: Tesla Coil S1

02 Damaged state

Free asset: Tesla Coil S2

03 Destroyed state

Free asset: Tesla Coil S3

HQ Screens: Artstation

Electricity/Lighting Particle Systems are included! Make sure to place them at the same spot as Static Meshes.

Feel free to download and use it in your games! I look forward to seeing this asset in action!

Password for archive


  1. Michael,

    You are a fantastic resource and have some excellent assets/materials here for download, very much appreciated!

    Would love to see some VR blueprints 😉

    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. I can’t import these assets into my editor, What version of unreal was this made in? Maybe I’m using a different version.


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